Missed my first class and chapel today. Grateful I only need to go to chapel 3 more times this quad and that I got some rest before my test today. Gonna get lunch and study for a bit and then do both my tests in a row ( I have one due tomorrow as well) pray for me!

I have decided. To follow Jesus. No turning back. The cross before the world behind me. No turning. No turning back.
Hillsong - Christ is Enough (via jesuscantlivewithouthim)
Do not read God’s words to appear more learned or more wise. Mortifying your vices will benefit you more than exhibiting cleverness.
Thomas a Kempis (via jesus-christ-is-king)
I believe God regardless of how I feel. My feelings were never meant to define me and rule who I am. Christ in me defines me and I live my life from who He is inside of me.


Sleeping in peace tonight
All because of GOD
He is good no matter what or who might have hurt me
His love is bigger and better than that
So you better believe I’m sleeping good